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Welcome to e-SD.Net. This web site provides employee self-serve, line manager and administrator access to training and personnel records. Employees can view their own records and submit request for training. Line Managers can view their own records and the records of their staff as well as approve applications for training. Administrators have full access to all training and personnel records.

HR Task Review and Workflow:

The e-SD.Net Task Review screen helps managers keep track of training applications from their staff and such things as changes in training needs, CPD or just changes of address and contact details. Managers can access the employee records and process them by approving or reviewing the record. They can add notes and comments where relevant to the task being processed. Once a record is processed and details are confirmed, an automated email will notify the employee and the administrator.

My Contact Details:

Allows employees to log in and view the information currently held on their address and telephone numbers and to add new information if they change address or if the details are not correct. They can also see the people we have on record to contact in an emergency that can be updated and added to. Line managers will be notified of changes and can see the new details.

My Skills and Qualifications:

Employees can access this tool to view the qualifications and competencies that we know they have and are currently in the records. If the employee acquires more skills through training or study, they can record them here so the information is instantly available to us when considering them for courses, etc. Line managers will be notified of new records so that they can confirm they have seen evidence that the employee has the skills indicated.


Employees can view and record their own Continual Professional Development - self study, personal learning, reading a book etc - which they want to register in their own learning portfolio. CPD previously entered by the administrators will be available to view and employees can enter new CPD records as they study. Entries made by the administrators can not be modified but self-submitted entries can be updated. Line Managers will be notified when new CPD is entered so that they can check and confirm that the study is valid toward that person's professional development.

My Training Courses and Applications:

Employees and Line Managers can view a list of all courses running in the future in the organisation and apply on-line to the courses they want to take or want their staff to take. Once an application is submitted, the administration team will see the application and the person will then be notified when the application is approved. When an employee submits their own application, the Line Manager will see this and be able to indicate that they approve.

My Evaluations:

Evaluations provide essential feedback on quality and value to learning managers. Employees can view and complete their course evaluation forms on-line. After a course, you can log in and view any of the courses you have attended and complete the course evaluation questionnaire. When an employee submits their own evaluation form, the Line Manager will see the forms as notifications, and can also indicate that they have reviewed and noted the evaluation.

My Needs:

Employees can enter their training needs on-line, setting out the subject or topic and further details. This can then be picked up by the training administration team for action. Whether as a result of previous training or as a requirement of current or future activities, employees will be able to develop their own training needs profile. Line Managers will see new needs records added by employees as notifications and can also submit needs records on behalf of their staff.

My Reports:

Employees and Line Managers can select and run a wide variety of reports allowing them to search for information they may need,to print the information produced and to save the report output in a variety of formats to include in other documents. The scope of the reports provided include: Training Course Reports; Training Applications and History Reports; Training Evaluation Reports; Skills/Competencies Reports; Qualifications Reports, CPD Reports; Training Needs Reports and Employee Contact Details

Password Access and Security:

Access to this site is for authorised users only who have applied for and been issued with a valid user ID and Password. To access data on this site in any other way is a criminal offence. Employees with Self Serve access will have access to their own records only. Line Managers will have access only to their own records and the records of the staff they manage.

My Job Application:

You can view the job vacancies currently open in the organisation and view further details. If you are interested in a position you can fill in a job application form online. Your application will be picked up by the administration staff and processed. You will be notified via email that your application was submitted.