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The Competencies tab will be visible by clicking the tab on the My Skillls & Qualifications page. You can navigate back to your Qualifications by clicking the relevant tab link at the top of the page.




Your existing competencies will be displayed in the list. You will not be able to change these details. The 'last change' information on the right allows you to see whether the information was entered by yourself or someone in the back-office. This is automatically updated by the system when the record is updated.


You can add a new competency to the list on the bottom line by selecting the competency description from the drop-down box and the date you were awarded it by clicking on the calendar button next to the field and choosing the date from the calendar. If the competency has an expiry date, you should enter that as well.


Once you have entered all the information required (make sure it is correct as you will not be able to modify it later), click the Add button to save the record. If you navigate to another page or close your browser before clicking the Add button, your new information will not be saved.


If the competency you are trying to enter does not appear in the list when looking in the drop-down, you need to contact the administrators in the back-office to have your entry added into the list before you can add the record. There is a link at the top of the page which will allow you to send an email to the appropriate place.