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When you first click on the My Contact Details menu link, you will see the Details Tab which shows your main contact address, telephone numbers, email and web address. The Other Address or Next of Kin details can be viewed by clicking the relevant tab option at the top of the table.




The screen is split into two sections. The top entry shows the details currently held in the system. You will not be able to modify this directly. The 'last change' information on the right allows you to see whether the information was entered by yourself or someone in the back-office. This is automatically updated by the system when the record is updated.


To change your address information, you must add a new address record using the entry at the bottom. You would firstly select a date from which the new address will be valid by clicking on the calendar button next to the Valid From field. This will pop up a calendar for you to select the date from. You can not enter the information directly into the field. Then enter the address, telephone numbers and web information. If some of the details will remain the same, eg. your mobile number and email address are not changing, then you will need to copy the information into the new entry as the new information will replace the old record and be used as your primary contact details. You can highlight the text in the previous record with the mouse and copy and paste it to the relevant fields in the new record if required.


Once you have entered all the information, click on the Add button to insert the record into the system. This will make your new information the current address details and the old information will disappear. If you navigate to a different page from the menu or close your browser before clicking the Add button, your new information will not be saved.