My Job Enquiry

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The job enquiry web tool is slightly different to the other tools in that it does not require a user to be logged in to access it. It is designed to be accessed from a 'jobs' link from the main intranet or web site so that people, staff or otherwise can access the list of vacancies available and submit enquiries.


Logged in web tools users will be able to access this through the menu options on the left as with other web tools in addition to the general intranet access.


After clicking on the My Job Enquiry link in the menu, you will see the vacancies list:




This will show a list of vacancies that are currently open in the system. To view more information about a vacancy you are interested in, click on the Details button which will open a page showing a job description and requirements for the role:




If the vacancy interests you, you can submit an enquiry by clicking on the Enquire button on the details page or on the vacancies list:




You will need to fill in an enquiry form including your personal details and a statement of your interest in the vacancy. This would be something like a covering letter for a job application.


Once you have filled in the form. Click the Save button to submit it and it will be picked up by the administration team who will process the enquiry and give you further information on the vacancy.