My Absence

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The My Absence web tool allows you to log in and view your absence and sickness records for the current period. You can also fill in an absence form online if you are returning to work after a period of sickness or other absence.


This is the Absence list page which shows your existing absence and sickness records. You can not modify existing records, these are for reference only.




The current period is defined by the administrators in the back office and will normally be the current year. Only absences that fall within the period will be shown in the list. The sickness days and other absence are a total calculated from the records shown in the list.


You can click on the field headings above the records to change the order of the data list.


To fill in an absence form online, click on the Add a New Record button below the table. The absence form is shown below:




For sickness absence, tick the box at the top of the form by clicking on it. Choose the start date and end date by clicking on the calendar buttons and selecting the date from the calendar pop up. The time fields need to be entered in 24 hour format with 2 digits for the hour and 2 for the minute separated by a colon, eg. 17:32 for thirty two minutes past five in the afternoon. The field below the dates and times allows selection from a drop-down list either the illness type for sickness records or the reason for absence for non-sickness records.


If the absence is certified select whether this certification is from yourself or your doctor, otherwise leave None selected. Only tick the Line Manager Approved checkbox if you have already got approval from your line manager for the absence. If the absence is related to an accident then tick the last box.


Note: If you leave a required field blank or enter invalid information, you will be shown a message giving details of what must be changed. For example, if you do not select a Start Date, a message will be shown that this must be entered before you can save the record.


Once you have entered all the information required (make sure it is correct as you will not be able to modify it later), click the Save button to save the record. If you navigate to another page or close your browser before clicking the Save button, your new information will not be saved and you would need to fill it in again when you come back to the page.