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Click on the View Courses link to open the course list which will display all the courses that are currently scheduled that you can apply for.




This page shows the course title, the start date and end date, subject area and specific area for each available course. You can view further details of the course by clicking on the View link.


You can range the records in the list using the Search Courses box above the list of courses. You can select a specific Subject Area or Specific Area from the combo boxes and you can type a word or part of a course title into the Title field. When you click on the Search button, the list of courses will only display courses matching the specified criteria. With the Title field, courses will only be shown if the full text you have typed into the field is within the text of the course title. Eg. if you type ICT into the Title field, courses with titles of Introduction to ICT, ICT for Managers, etc. would be found, but I.C.T or Information Technology would not be recognised.


Click on a column heading to sort the list of courses by that field. Clicking the title once will sort in ascending order and clicking it again will change to descending order.


If there are more courses available than can be displayed on the page, page number links will be visible at the bottom of the table. Click one of these links to move to the associated page.


Use the My Course Applications link at the bottom of the page to view applications you have previously made to courses via the Web Tools.


Course Details

Clicking the View link on the Course List page will open this course details page where further details of the course can be viewed and you can apply for the course.




The Scope, Programme, Aims and Objectives fields may contain more text than is visible on this page. To view the full text, use the scrollbars in each section to scroll through the text.


At the bottom of the page is the Apply button. Clicking this will confirm your application for the course and add the course to your list of applications. You can click Cancel if you do not wish to apply for the course.


Viewing Your Course Applications

Once you have applied for courses through this tool, your application will be added to your course applications list. You can view this by clicking on the My Course Applications link on the Main Menu or on the Course List page.




This screen shows you the Title, Start Date, End Date, Subject Area and Specific Area of each course you have applied for along with the date you applied. Once the application has been processed by the administration staff, the approval status will be displayed under the Approved column. Whether you are booked on the course or not, you will also be notified by email.


To return to the course list and select more courses to apply for, click on the Apply for Another Course link below the list of applications.