My Needs

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When you click on the My Needs link on the Web Tools home page, you will see the following screen.




This shows that no Needs records have been entered yet. To enter a Need record, click on the Add a New Record link. This will open the record details page where you can enter the details of your Need.


This is the Need Details page which is used to add records of your training needs.




Select the most appropriate entry from each of the combo boxes. If you do not know what to select for these fields, leave them blank and talk to the system administrator responsible for managing the Web Tools. Once you have selected all of the values for the combo boxes, enter details of the need into the Description field. Once all fields have been entered, click on the Save button to complete the Need record entry.


If you do not have specific details required for this page, or simply wish to return to the My Needs list without entering a record, clicking the Cancel button will return.


Note: If you leave a required field blank, you will be shown a message box giving details of what must be changed. For example, if you do not select a Subject Area, a message will be shown that this must be selected before you can save the record.


When you have entered some Needs, the My Needs page will show a list of your Need records.




You can click on the field headings above the records to change the order of the data list. If you want to change or add details to one of your Need records, locate it in this list and click on the Edit link. This will reopen the Need Details page, as described in the previous page of this document, where you can modify any of the information you previously entered. When editing a record, make all the changes and click the Save button to keep the alterations or click Cancel to exit without saving, which you may wish to do if, for instance, you realise you are modifying the wrong record. Pressing the Delete link will remove the associated record from your Needs list. Only do this if you have duplicated information, or if an administrator has contacted you to remove a record. They may do this if you enter a record of a need that is already recorded for you in the main database because it was organised internally. Only eight records will be displayed on the list at a time. If you have more than eight records, you can view other records by navigating through the pages. This is done by clicking the page number at the bottom of the Needs records list.