Next of Kin

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The Next of Kin information is available after clicking the relevant link at the top of the My Contact Details page. You can move back to the Main Details or Other  Address Details by clicking the relevant tab option at the top of the table.




This page shows the details currently held for your next of kin contacts. You can not modify the details already held through the tool, but if there is an error in a record that needs to be amended you should contact the administrator. An email link will be provided at the top.


You can add new people to this list by filling in all the fields on the bottom record. You can select the person's title and relationship to you using the drop-down lists and then type the name, telephone and address details. The validity dates are entered by clicking on the Calendar button next to the field and then selecting the date from the calendar that pops up.


Once you have entered all the information required (make sure it is correct as you will not be able to modify it later), click the Add button to save the record. If you navigate to another page or close your browser before clicking the Add button, your new information will not be saved.